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I’m told by cat-loving female friends that being a man who owns multiple felines marks me out as “solid boyfriend material”, but then they would say that: they like cats, and are being nice to me, because they are my friends, and know I’ve been through a relationship break-up in the not too distant past. I suppose I have a sensitive side, but I also probably like beer, big boobs and loud rock music no less than many manly men who wouldn’t allow a feline in the house. If he has that many animals, does it mean he can’t relate to humans? “But you wouldn’t want to go out with someone who doesn’t like cats, though, would you? Having said that, I will confess that I met a girl recently who talked a lot about how much she loved the smell of cat food, and I found it hard to view it as a plus.

I’m also aware that there’s a flipside to the perception: that there are also women, even women who like cats, who will immediately start asking themselves questions about a man living alone with that many sets of paws. If I were to answer these questions, I would say it’s as simple as this: I like cats, my ex also likes cats, so we ended up getting a lot of cats, then, when we split up, I ended up keeping slightly more cats than her. It’s The Rule.” I noticed that in one of her photos she had cropped out Bob, her chunky tabby. But let’s face it: that’s just plain weird, isn’t it?

If you are just “average” looking, then you are going to need to work on your personality and social skills if you ever want to have attractive girlfriends in your life.

I guess we are lucky, because even though we might not start off with any big advantages like looking like an underwear model, at least we can still wok on it an improve up to a level where our looks are not holding us back with women.

For instance, a lot of men believe that wealth is the key to attracting women.

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But women respond more to honesty and vulnerability, not bravado.

This means getting to know yourself intimately so you can show us how many layers you have.

To do this, there are four main areas of your life you need to take care of.

The “Scrambler” technique that Rio teaches is one of the most popular parts of the system because it promises to help guys get that one girl they really want who seems “hard to get”.

The Scrambler video is provocative but I think you will find it very entertaining.


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